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Front loader type, Butterfly snowplow (2 Way & 4 Way)

2 Way & 4 Way : Splitting, gathering, pushing (leftward, rightward)

Setting up backward angle [useful for single path] Setting up forward angle [useful for stacks of snow and narrow path]

Setting up rightward angle [one-directional work] Setting up leftward angle [one-directional work]

Tools for easy controling

Parallel indicator provides easy control of snowplow Casters maintain safe-height of snowplow and offer smooth moving

Ideal angle of the blade of shovel prevents significant impact, rubber pad helps fast driving and prevent breaking roads.

  • Damage into the blade, road and the body of shovel

  • Breaking up shockwaves by smoothly passing through

  • Smoothly passing speed bump

  • Fast and flexible rolling and floating performance in various angles
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